4.75 in the US

Well well, the proverbial ink has hardly dried on my post below on the EUR/USD and the fundamentals of the global economy before the wheels seem set in motion to push the focus of this topic at the very forefront of the economic discourse.

Let us first begin with a small list of links so you can get updated on current events ...

Bloomberg clearly offers extensive coverage.  

BBC also dishes up a good review and preview.  

And finally we also have Reuters' coverage.  

This should then be what you need as a rough and ready beginning.

Now, if we try to go back to the note I field below (linked above) what we are now seeing is a full-fledged test of de-coupling and global rebalancing. The clear evidence of this is of course that the EUR/USD seems set to thunder across the 1.40 mark and beyond. Now, this as I have argued will create all kinds of problems in the Eurozone (where growth and financial markets, mind you, are already very fragile going into H02) and in Eastern Europe, as it were, since many of these countries are pegging to the Euro.

So, in short ... over to you Trichet!