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Danske on Eurozone Debt - The Peril of Internal Devaluations

This is really a follow-up on my earlier piece today and my last 2009 piece on Eurozone imbalances and internal devaluation. In particular, I want to point you towards two things. Firstly, Edward has, no doubt after a long hard thought, come to the conclusion that Greece should be sent to the IMF or rather that it is ok to ask the fund for help in order credibly sort out the mess in Greece (and possibly Spain). This is not news as such since the proposition of sending ailing Eurozone countries to the IMF has been on the table for a while now. The main question basically is, as it has always been, whether the program proposed by Greece in conjunction with the EU and set in relation to what ever we might have left of the stability and growth pact (SGP) is really credible as a working solution.

Meanwhile, Danske Bank had a very interesting research note out today by economists Gustav Smidth and Frank Øland Hansen on the sovereign situation in the Eurozone and the potential for correcting not only in the immediate short term (i.e. preventing a collapse), but more importantly how to get debt to GDP ratios back on a solid footing within, let us say, a decade or so. As it turns out this is very difficult.

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