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When your dry powder is drenched by the forex

What a week it has been here in the U.K. The turmoil at Deutsche Bank was set to remain the topic du jour. But Prime Minister May's promise to trigger Article 50, and the remarkable party conference in Birmingham, took centre stage. Another Bashing Betty session ensued, which reached its zenith overnight Thursday as GBPUSD was pushed to 1.14 on some platforms before recovering to about 1.22-to-1.24. A fat finger, corporate hedges hitting "stops", or a systemic lack of liquidity; take your pick in terms of rationalisation. I think the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous, given that this is a G4 currency. The rhetoric by the new Tory doyens was startling, and as I type this, the back-pedalling has already started. In any case, I have a podcast about the whole thing, which you can listen to in this post. Elsewhere, the carnage in sterling is a nuisance to me. I am a GBP earner, and my portfolio is held in GBP. In short, foreign assets now look dreadfully expensive unless you start trawling for the turds of the turds. 

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